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here's my current favourite song (i update this often): pretty old man by no buses band.

no buses

the book i'm currently reading: poor economics - abhijit banerjee & esther duflo

banerjee and duflo

poor economics is a non-fiction book concerning-—as its self-explanatory title suggests-—poor economics. i am about 1/4 into the book, and so far i am liking it quite a bit. i do feel that some parts of the "conclusions" the authors are coming to lack the amount of nuance needed, but that is just what i personally feel. i have not thought a lot about it so i won't say that is a strong opinion i hold. i have not finished the book either, so that could explain why i might feel this way, assuming that the authors added more nuance later on or they tied everything down properly. if not that, it could be because not all of that can fit into a 400-page book, or maybe i just have to pay more attention to it all. i'll see.

shows i was/am gonna start binge-watching:

i attempted to write a cinquain a while ago:

my pretty girlfriend 2 | tanka form

her hair smells muddy

running my fingers through it

is hard—it’s tangled

her hair pricks my aching thumb

so i drip the blood on her

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